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Spa World Hotel
         Te Bad Nieuweschans
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On 27-11-2013, the City Council of Oldambt made the council decision on the zoning plan 'Spa World Hotel.

The Province has granted dispensation
Dispensation from the Provincial Regulation of the Province of Groningen for Spa World Hotel ,   May 22, 2013

In 2010, trade and industry off Winschoten requests in writing the Board B & W that the "World Bazar" project will be relocated to Winschoten because of his magnetic effect. Around the same time it becomes clear that in the deeper soil layers below the parcel of the original location for the World Bazar, thermal water of a very high quality is located. The Province asks to join the future vision of the village Nieuweschans, recently renamed Bad Nieuweschans, because it wants to appeal to German visitors. Places of cure Spas in Germany also are called Bad. The idea for Spa World Hotel is elaborated.

Together province and municipal examine how they can settle this project that will reinforce the structure of Bad Nieuweschans the best way in the municipality of Oldambt. An urban design is approved. End of 2012 the Executive Board of the province of Groningen decides on the Spa World Hotel. The development plan is established.

The zoning plan is available for inspection from August 1, and the response memorandum prepared. On 12 November 2013, the Council's proposal for adoption by the Committee Board ‘Resources and Space’ offered and on November 27, 2013 to the Board.

Published in Government Gazette 31-07-2013


The college decision February 26, 2013 (Paraffin decision under 2)

The college decision March 5, 2013 (Section B: Paraffin decision February 26, 2013 in accordance with resolutions)

The college decision Spa World Hotel from June 19, 2012

GS Province decision about Spa World Hotel September 19, 2012

The council decision of September 2012


Information evening 18-03-2013

Presentation off the municipality of Oldambt