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Spa World Hotel
         Te Bad Nieuweschans
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Light goes green for Spa World

Politics slightly more cautious about the World Bazar

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The light goes green for the entrepreneurs behind Spa World. A political majority in the municipality of Oldambt agrees with the coming of the combination of care hotel, thermal baths and swimming pool in Bad Nieuweschans.

Formally the council takes a final decision on the zoning in late November, but a 3D presentation of the project was Tuesday at the committee meeting almost received unanimous by enthusiastic councillors. "Let’s do it” Said Labour councillor Otto Schröder. The initiators may soon submit a building application. Spa World must rise at the Hamdijk, right next to the exit of the A7 between Groningen and the German border.

Oriental products
There was slightly more extensive discussion about the project the World Bazar, just outside shopping centre along the Renselkade in Winschoten. A project of the same promoters. An equivalent of the Black Market in Beverwijk, with Oriental products. There is space for 550 market stalls. Here also there majority of the council is excited about it. However, the Council proposal discussed on Tuesday is still ambiguity about the opening on Sunday.

Open on Sundays
The Municipal Executive wants to capture in the zoning plan that the World Bazar is allowed to be open only on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. In the same proposal, however was told that an opening on Sunday needs a separate decision. Still Reason for the Christian Union to delay on a final decision. PvdA and D66 want that the proposal should be adjusted before the board meeting of 27 November, so that a final decision can be made.

Penalty clause
The promoters have been trying for eight years to get their plans realized. The past few weeks have been quite squabbling with the city on various penalty clauses and bank guarantees witch were initially included in the agreement. Finally the agreement was amended and signed quite a few hours before the committee meeting. The criticism of council members was that they love to be informed some earlier.




Interview about the developments 'World Spa Hotel' and ‘World Bazar' by RTV Noord